The Chosen Ones Paranormal Investigations

Hello and a huge welcome to all our fellow paranormal investigators/enthusiasts.

Who we are and why we formed

We launched The Chosen Ones Paranormal events company in October of 2018, after booking with many other hosting companies over the years, we always longed to be left alone to conduct our own research and hunt for evidence in our own way.

We yearned to investigate in our own time and style, and in areas within the buildings we chose, and not of the restrictions imposed by virtually all the major events hosting companies.

paranormal investigations events

Learning and advancing our research

As our experience grew with each paranormal investigation, we soon grew tired of the group ‘Vigils’ these hosting companies made us sit through, often in very large numbers, sometimes made up of 15 to 20 of us, and with equipment set up as some sort of party tricks to show that the spirits of the dead were amongst us.

paranormal investigatons event

The early days of our new passion, hunting for evidence of paranormal activity

At our first several paranormal investigations the hosting company staff were great, we were new to the world of paranormal investigating and these hosts were invaluable to show us around the buildings we booked to investigate.

We had very little equipment of our own at the time, and the hosting companies supplied us with some basic stock they brought along, things like K2 meters, Ouija boards, and temperature guns.

paranormal events equipment

This equipment was to be used to see if we could document any changes in the environment in the strictly preset rooms we were confined to by our hosts. The items like K2 meters could alert us to the potential presence of spirit.

Profit over passion

Very quickly into our new hobby we realised that these hosting companies had no desire to try and solve the mystery as to why the spirits seemed to stay at these specific locations.

It dawned on us that they had no desire to attempt to understand why spirits were stuck at certain locations, nor if these spirits needed our help to cross over to the next stage of their personal journey after they pass from this life unto the next.

profit before paranormal passion

Money it seemed, was the main motivator for holding these paranormal investigation events. If a bit of paranormal activity happened, that was a bonus, but as for wanting to research the phenomena, it seemed of little importance.

We asked ourselves, do these companies really care, or want to learn more about the mysteries of the paranormal and the spirits of those who have gone before us?

Circus show style set ups

The paranormal investigation event began to feel like a circus show, roll up, roll up,  come and see the flashing lights of a K2 meter before your very eyes, witness the amazing table tipping phenomena.

paranormal activity

A common theme emerged, serious investigators were becoming frustrated

Towards the latter stages of us paying good money to get us a foot in the door of these much sought after haunted locations, we spoke with many other investigators like ourselves, and a common theme kept coming up. 

The passionate paranormal investigators were, and are growing tired and frustrated by being confined to specific areas of the building they were there to investigate.

The more serious investigators like ourselves wanted freedom to hunt for paranormal activity on their own, using their own spirit hunting kit they had brought along with them.

Searching for spirit activity was the reason we all paid our money to get into these haunted locations, yet we were only allowed in a handful of rooms, and were strictly monitored by the staff member who was there to keep us all together en mass.

Overcrowded locations

The groups we were allocated to at the start of the evening were way too large. The experience level of our groups also varied greatly.

Some were fun seekers thinking they were going to some haunted house set up like at Halloween time. Giggling and chatting away through the vigils when the lights went out.

Many were sceptics who had a slight curiosity about all this paranormal stuff and wanted to see it for themselves.

And then there was us, passionate paranormal investigation researchers who wanted to capture evidence of paranormal activity, and had booked onto the event as a way of gaining entry to a building that would otherwise be off limits.

Our hosts, the "experts"

Due to the huge cross section of belief regarding the paranormal amongst our fellow participants, the hosts always treated us like we knew nothing about the world of spirit and how it interacts with us in our reality we call Earth.

At the initial briefing we would have to sit through a lengthy talk about what a spirit was, and listen to our main host regale us with tales of their own encounters with spirit.

That latter part we didn’t mind so much, as we love to hear other peoples evidence of paranormal activity.

As we sat in the main briefing room and listened to our latest host waffle on for what seemed an eternity,  all we wanted to do was get into the main building and investigate it.

It dawned on us that in essence we and many others sat around us, had outgrown these event companies and were ready to go it alone.

Time for change, something tailored specifically for advanced level serious paranormal investigators.

As the huge majority of paranormal events hosting companies are geared up almost exclusively for ‘newbies’,sceptics or fun seekers, there was nothing for those of us who wanted to go much deeper with our paranormal investigation.

Things needed to be put in place for those of us whom had more than a fun curiosity of the spirit world, and took the paranormal research and investigations seriously.

We wanted to document and study paranormal phenomena properly, and by getting out into the field and visit what were said to be haunted locations was the main way we could further our research.

Expanding our paranormal tech kit

As time went on, we expanded our range of equipment, buying bits of kit here and there over the months and years.

Kitting oneself out with a decent level of paranormal research equipment costs a substantial amount of money.

We found we no longer had a need for the hosting company to supply us with the array of scientific equipment most paranormal investigators use.

By now we had a fair level of kit and just wanted to be left alone in our pursuit of evidence of supernatural phenomena that has been documented in these locations.

At the outset of investigating haunted locations we were very grateful to the staff who lent us kit, and gave us little snippets of information and some of the methods used to provoke spirit activity.

The final nail in the coffin for us using the major hosting companies

After our last event with a company I shall refrain from naming, things really came to a head for us.

We were desperate to investigate Shrewsbury prison on our own as it houses some very intensely powerful spirits in great number.

We even devised a plan to try and slip away from our host and go it alone in the vast location. Sadly that didn’t work, as our host was like a shepherd that was very observant with his flock.

We were herded much like the inmates this Victorian prison had housed all those years ago, we couldn’t go anywhere beyond sight of our hosts.

We were pretty much ordered to stay with the group until the standard last hour where you get to wander the location alone (always our favourite part of the evening).

the dana
'The Dana' Shrewsbury prison

The free hour at the end of the evening

Finally able to conduct our own investigation, even though time was sadly too short, after all the vigil work and numerous breaks where we were again herded to the base room for lengthy very periods.

Then, as I am sure most seasoned paranormal investigation events goers are all too aware of.

Because most of the evening is spent in pre-set rooms, when the masses are let free it is like a sight seeing tour.

Naturally, people want to see the whole location, but it doesn’t help you when in the middle of an EVP session, a group of sight seers walk into the room and contaminate your recording.

Even if we had began witnessing or interacting with spirits that we came to find with in the first place, our evidence would be ruined by the vastly overcrowded event goers innocently looking around the location.

I chuckle now, but as the steady train of people interrupting our experiments continued I often thought but never uttered, ‘if you wanted to come and sight see the prison, they hold day time tours at a much lower price’. 

A new era, advanced events for advanced investigators

So after all the frustrated evenings and wasted filming and recording, here we are.

A completely unique events company, one like you will have never seen before.

A new way to investigate

Gone are the large groups.

Gone are the numerous lengthy breaks.

Gone is the time wasting.

Gone is the restraints as to where you can and can’t go.

Gone are the vigils that are held by one of usually 3 hosts employed by these other event companies.

ruined paranormal evidence

Complete freedom to conduct your investigation

Freedom to investigate these haunted locations on your terms and with your own equipment.

We will fill the void in the paranormal investigations hosting events the UK.

An events company dedicated exclusively for those who are serious about investigating the paranormal.

No huge crowds, room to investigate

Numbers will be strictly limited to ONLY cover the cost of hiring the location and other associated costs.

All equating to more room to set up your experiments, run your EVP sessions, film the location with your Night vision cameras. 

Basically do what you paid those other profit making paranormal events hosting companies your hard earned money to do, but better.

Hunt for paranormal activity and further your own personal research into this fascinating field.

All without huge crowds of people just out for a bit of fun.

Of course, we still want the fun and thrill of being on an active paranormal investigation, just with less people and freedom to choose where you investigate next.


Neil and Mandi – Lead investigators of The Chosen Ones Paranormal Investigations.

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As a united group we can have complete freedom within the most haunted locations in the UK, without the restraints of profit making large hosting companies.